The Skinny: 4 Tips to Help Reduce Overeating

If you are someone who has been trying to cut back on foods that are bad for you, you know how tempting it is to simply grab something that you know will taste delicious. However, overeating can harm you in the long run, so take a moment to consider these four tips to curb your impulses.


Ask Yourself Why You Are Eating

Part of stopping yourself from overeating is figuring out why you eat. When you catch yourself reaching for a snack, ask why you want it. It is fine to eat if you are hungry, but if you are bored or you need some kind of stimulation, you’ll find that you should go do something else. Mindful eating is one of the most powerful tools when you are fighting overeating in general.

Carry Lots of Snacks

It’s odd that you can snack a lot when you are avoiding overeating, but it is true! Your body has a hunger response for a reason, and when it gets triggered, you should feed it promptly. Carry healthy snacks around with you, and eat something small. This actually prevents you from overeating later on.

Carry Lots of Snacks

Buy Smaller Portions

One of the things that contribute to overeating is simply having portions that are too large. If you have a single portion of something, you are likely to eat it all, no matter how large or small it is. When you go shopping, look for smaller portions. If you need to, divide a larger portion into two parts and eat one later. When you go to buy snacks, consider buying a smaller bag rather than a larger one, even if the larger one is a better deal!

Drink Water

Because we do not always pay great attention to the signals that our bodies are sending us, it is very easy to confuse the signals that tell us to eat versus the ones that tell us to drink. Sometimes, when we are thirsty, we think that we are hungry. When you start to feel hungry at unusual times, drink a cup of water before snacking and then figure out if you are still hungry!

Drink Water

If you are having some trouble breaking out of your old bad habits, let’s talk about it in comments. Many people cannot conquer overeating on their own, and this is why we are ready help them!

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