The Newly-Single Woman’s Guide to Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster ride under the best of circumstances. You got the best divorce attorney and the worst of the ordeal is behind you. Now that you have signed the final paperwork, you’re single and are ready to move on to bigger and better things. What those things might be is entirely up to you. Divorce, despite its unpleasant aspects, creates new opportunities for growth. Here are four ways to help you get back into the swing of things.


Do Something Scary

Yes, the end of a relationship is scary, and it can flip your world upside down. Perhaps you decide to find the best divorce attorney was a challenge. However, that part of your life is behind you. It is time to do something scary because you want to challenge yourself. Some women try a radically new haircut or a new personal style, while other women take on tough physical challenges such as running a marathon.

Try Something New

All relationships involve give and take. Now is the time to put yourself first, and try things you have been putting off. If you love art but have not been to a gallery lately, treat yourself to an evening out. If going alone seems intimidating, consider making it a girl’s night out. In fact, a weekly meet-up with friends could be the perfect solution. It will give you the chance to try new things in a supportive environment.

Try Something New

Create New Traditions

If you have children, begin to create new traditions with them. If your kids enjoy playing games, look for the chance to play with them. Although some parents have issues with video games, playing your kid’s favorite game alongside them is a great way to connect. If your family is more active, consider a weekly hike. The kids will appreciate the connection and so will you.


Once you are officially single again, you may have well-meaning co-workers, friends, and relatives trying to arrange dates for you. If you are not yet ready to date, be firm when you ask them to stop. Only you can decide when you are ready to date again. Although a few women find a new romantic partner shortly after their divorce, others choose to wait.


Dating sites, once a joke, have evolved to become a legitimate way to meet new people. There are many online dating site options to suit your needs. Some are free, while others charge a fee. Of course, the traditional ways to meet people, such as church and community groups, are still effective.

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