Six Ways to Help Your Man Dress Better Without Hurting His Feelings

While it is certainly untrue that men are generally dress unfashionably, despite the stereotype, some men fit the bill. Many of them are handsome and their significant others just want to see their clothes look good on them. Unfortunately, it can be hard to dress a man tactfully without hurting his feelings, annoying him or provoke depression. Being subtle about it can go a long way.

Go Shopping Together

dress your man

A great way to get a man into the clothes you would like to see him in is to shop with him at a local store or nice clothing site. Now, remember, this is not the same type of shopping you would do with your friends. Unless he happens to like shopping, you are going to want to keep this basic. Do not dawdle over everything and keep the shop hopping to a minimum.


Do not tell him he looks handsome or professional in his new clothes. Tell him it makes him look sexy and be intimate about it. He will be eager to wear them after that.

Buy Him Things

You really do not want to buy your boyfriend or husband a ton of clothes he is never going to wear, so be careful when you shop for things you would like to see him in. Start by varying only slightly from his normal dress. Say he likes t-shirts and you like collars. Buy him a t-shirt with a collar.

dress your man


Make sure the clothes you pick look like they are comfortable so he is more likely to enjoy them once he has tried them on. As always, make sure it is comfortable fabric. A significant portion of men prefer comfort to fashion.

Do Not Condescend

“Oh, honey. Are you going to wear that?” is likely to get you a defiant, “Yes.” Do not get grumpy or irksome when he wears something you do not like. Let it go. This works much better than treating him like a child who does not know how to dress himself. You are trying to make him wear clothes you like, not hate himself when he does not.

Subliminal Messages

Wait until he is wearing something you do like and make sure to point out how much you like it. Be intimate with him when he is dressed well. Show him that it makes you happy and that will make him happy.

dress your man

It is important to remember that you are not his mother. If he does not like the same clothes that you like, you may have to just deal with it. You can probably at least get him to come around on color and cut if you carefully use the above tips to make him feel great about the styles you enjoy.

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